Canberra: National Gallery of Australia, 1997

256 pages, 80 black and white illustrations, 23 x 16 cm., Bibliography

ISBN 0-642-13061-2


The exhibition catalogue The Europeans, émigré artists in Australia 1930 to 1960 explores an area of Australian art that has been virtually ignored. While some artists from the period have had major exhibitions and catalogues, others remain almost unknown and their collective contribution hidden.

The émigré artists included in this catalogue cover the pre-second world war migrants that fled Nazi Germany, those interned in Australia during the war years and those who arrived as displaced people looking for lands of hope and promise.

Art produced by European immigrants in Australia during this period was rich, varied and inventive and the catalogue essays explore subjects including printmaking, drawing, furniture design, photography and textiles as well as painting and sculpture.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction by Roger Butler
  • Uniquely Australian: Gert Sellheim and the graphic arts, by Roger Butler
  • Personal Gestures: Early choreography by Edouard Borovansky, by Michelle Potter
  • Frederick Romberg and the Problem of European Authenticity, by Conrad Hamann
  • Schulim Krimper and Fred Lowen: Two Melbourne furniture makers, by Terence Lane
  • Sanctuaries: Three textile artists in Australia, by John McPhee
  • Images of Displacement: Art from the internment camps, by Magdalene Keaney
  • Blue Hydrangeas: Four émigré photographers, by Helen Ennis
  • Maximilian Feuerring's Three Suitcases, by Anne Bonyhady
  • The European Intervention: Sculpture in Melbourne 1940–1960, by Christopher Heathcote
  • A Philosophical Approach to Design: Gerhard Herbst and Fritz Janeba, by Anne Brennan
  • We'll Always Have Paris, by Deborah Clark
  • Transplanting Ideas: How migrants shaped the Australian garden, by Janie Gillespie
  • Jewellers and Jewellery: European trained, made in Australia, by Margaret Vine
  • Sydney's Most Fashionable Europeans, by Roger Leong
  • Cinzano, Seagrass Matting and the Art of the Deal, by Terry Ingram
  • No Dams: The art of Olegas Truchanas and Peter Dombrovskis, by Tim Bonyhady
  • Contributing Authors
  • Bibliography


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