Selected Publications

Printed: Images by Australian artists 1942-2020
Mike Parr: Language and chaos
Stars in the river: The prints of Jessie Traill
Printed images by Australian artists 1885-1955
Printed images in Colonial Australia 1801-1901
Printed images by Australian artists 1885-1955
place made: Australian Print Workshop
Islands in the sun: Prints by indigenous artists of Australia and the Australasian region
The Europeans: Émigré artists in Australia 1930-1960
Sydney by Design: Wood and linoblock prints by Sydney Women artists between the wars
Alan Sumner Screenprints
Poster art in Australia
My head is a map: A decade of Australian prints 1982-1992
Being and Nothingness: Bea Maddock, Work from three decades
Australian prints in the Australian National Gallery
Melbourne woodcuts and linocuts of the 1920s and 1930s
Thea Proctor, the prints
Vera Blackburn, linocuts
Raymond McGrath, Prints
A survey of Australian relief prints
Christian Waller, 1895-1956: stained glass studies, drawings and prints